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Hazardous Materials ResponseLike all fire emergencies, hazardous materials emergencies are very dangerous. Not only are they dangerous, there is a large quantity of hazardous materials within our city. West Sacramento is host to just about every mode of transportation known. From the flight paths of commercial airlines, railroad, ships in port, highway, and even underground pipeline, hazardous materials travel through, in, out, over, under, and around our city constantly. Although transportation is responsible for a large portion of the hazardous materials within our city, we have a vast array of different businesses that use and store it daily. With a well trained and competent staff, along with contracts with neighboring agencies, we respond to hazardous materials emergencies within the city and the entire Yolo County.

For more information regarding hazardous materials emergency response, please contact our Hazardous Materials Program by calling Fire Administration at (916) 617-4600.