Special Event Regulations

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General Conditions for Special Events

  1. The conduct of such activity will not substantially interrupt the safe and orderly movement of other traffic.
  2. The concentration of persons, animals, and/or vehicles will not unduly interfere with proper fire and police protection of, or ambulance service to, areas where the activity will take place or areas contiguous to such area.
  3. The conduct of the activity will not unduly interfere with the movement of firefighting equipment en route to a fire or the movement of other emergency equipment.
  4. The conduct of such activity shall not be conducted so as to be reasonably likely to cause injury to persons or property.
  5. The activity will not interfere with, or pose an undue danger to, any public works function of the city.
  6. The activity is not to be held for the sole purpose of advertising the goods, wares or merchandise of a particular establishment or vendor.

Regulations for Indoor Events

  1. Overcrowding or admittance of any persons beyond the allowable occupancy shall be grounds for stopping the performance, presentation, spectacle or entertainment until such condition is corrected.
  2. All participants shall be out of the building by 2 a.m. Overnight lodging is not allowed.
  3. If tables and chairs are used, aisles shall not be less than 36” and lead to exits.
  4. Fireworks or pyrotechnic and open flames devices (including candles) are prohibited.
  5. Smoking is not permitted indoors.
  6. Exits shall be unlocked and unobstructed. Combustible materials shall not be stored in exits or exit enclosures.
  7. Decorative material including seasonal décor shall be made from nonflammable material or shall be treated and maintained in a flame-retardant condition.