CALEA Accreditation

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Calea Logo On November 18, 2017 the West Sacramento Police Department was awarded the Advanced Law Enforcement Accreditation by the CALEA Commission. This is a highly prized recognition within the national law enforcement community because of the level of work required to achieve accreditation. The West Sacramento Police Department has spent the past 4 years building their CALEA Assessment, reviewing and revising policies, procedures, and processes to ensure compliance with the CALEA standards. The Advanced Law Enforcement Accreditation is comprised of 484 standards that the department must meet in order to receive an award. Each standard requests a written directive and a proof for each year of the accreditation cycle. The process allows for constant scrutiny of Department policy as well as continual checking of processes and procedures in order to maintain compliance with CALEA standards.

The West Sacramento Police Department brought in CALEA to function as an internal auditor. The process of becoming accredited forces the agency to examine policy and practice in order to identify gaps or inaccuracies and ensure adherence to established guidelines. Any discrepancies can be addressed expediently and corrected, allowing the agency to function at a distinguished level.

Voluntarily undergoing such a high level of scrutiny allows the department to have confidence and transparency with its staff and the community they serve. The department can function with conviction by showing that we “practice what we preach” and that has been examined and verified by an outside source. The department’s employees can work with trust that the agency operates according to best practice and the community they serve can rest assured with the same certainty.

West Sacramento Police Department is now one of only two agencies in Northern California to achieve CALEA Accreditation, the other being Rocklin Police Department. There are only 8 Police Departments and 13 total agencies that are CALEA Accredited in California.

Calea Acreditation