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Investigations is comprised of the General Investigation Unit, Crime Scene Investigation, and Property and Evidence.

The General Investigations Unit is responsible for conducting follow-up investigation on criminal cases. The Unit recognizes the importance of making follow-up contacts on criminal cases to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the investigation and to present as complete a case as possible to the Yolo County District Attorney's Office for prosecution. To that end, the appropriate employee must review each report and, when necessary, make follow-up contacts with the victim. This is necessary to ensure the proper recording of facts, to identify new or additional information, and to inform the complainant of the status of the case. The goal of a criminal investigation is to verify the occurrence of a crime, and identify, charge, and apprehend the suspects. The Investigations Unit is supervised by a sergeant and 7 detectives who are responsible for investigating the following:

  • Crimes Against Persons - investigation of homicides, questionable deaths, robberies, aggravated assaults, adult missing persons, and CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analyzer.)
  • Property Crimes - investigation of property crimes including vandalism, burglary, theft, and receiving stolen property.
  • Economic Crimes - investigation of white-collar crimes, including forgery, fraud, misuse of credit cards, Identity Theft, embezzlement, and High-Tech Crimes.
  • Auto Theft - investigation of stolen vehicles (felony and misdemeanor), and receiving stolen property offenses involving vehicles.
  • Crimes against Juveniles and Sexual Assaults - investigation of child neglect or abuse, rape, and other sex offenses (felony and misdemeanor.)
  • Domestic Violence - investigation of such violence and providing victim advocate services to crime victims and witnesses.

Crime Scene Investigators are skilled, trained specialists in processing crime scenes for all types of evidence. This unit collects, processes, and forwards evidence to the Department of Justice for analysis on a variety of crimes. The Crime Scene Investigations Unit is staffed with two CSIs. These technicians are experts at courtroom testimony and the reconstruction of crime scenes.

The Property/Evidence Technician maintains the Property and Evidence Storage Room. The importance of proper evidence handling and storage cannot be overstated. Evidence must be properly packaged, recorded and stored for court presentation. At any given time one or more of our sixty-one police officers may be called to testify in court, as to how the evidence was obtained, processed and stored.

The West Sacramento Police Department has contracted with the leading web-based auction site specializing in the auction of lost, stolen, seized and surplus items for law enforcement agencies. has hundreds of law enforcement clients and is able to offer a wide variety of items to the public. The items auctioned are lost or abandoned and the owners thereof unknown. The Police Department will provide new auction items as they become available for release, approximately every six to eight weeks.

Crime tips can be sent directly to Investigations via email at or by calling the Crime Tip Hotline (916) 617-4747. Provide as much detail as possible along with call back information should there be any questions. All callback information will remain confidential.

Crime tips can also be sent to Crime Alert.