Uniformed Services

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 The Uniform Services Division is commanded by the Office of Operations and managed by the assigned Lieutenants whose primary responsibilities are to provide general management, direction, and control for the Division.

The Uniform Services Division consists of all regular patrol watches, the K9 Unit, the Traffic Unit, Reserve Peace Officers, Community Service Officers, a Boat Unit, a Bicycle Unit, a Training Officer, and Fleet and Facilities management.


The structure of patrol is organized with 2 Lieutenants and 7 Sergeants who lead 6 teams of up to 6 Patrol Officers each shift. They are the “front line” of the West Sacramento Police Department. Patrol Officers respond to the scene of both emergency and non-emergency crimes, traffic collisions, and other requests for police services seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Patrol Officers are responsible for patrolling one of the three geographic beats which make up the Police Department’s beat system. When not actively handling a call for service, Patrol officers work to identify crime trends in their assigned beat areas and work with community members to find solutions to those issues.

Patrol officers are committed to the to the philosophy of community-oriented policing through partnerships with other offices of the Police Department, other City departments, outside agency resources and the citizens of West Sacramento. Officers are trained not only to apprehend criminals, but also to assess neighborhood problems from the root cause point of view and to structure long-term solutions that involve residents as well as allied agencies, as appropriate Officers establish communication and trust by increasing their accessibility within the community, attending neighborhood meetings and getting out of the patrol car to talk with residents or business owners about issues and problems that are important to them. These communications help establish personal and familiar relationships, and give officers a sense of ownership within their beat areas.

Canine Unit

The Canine Unit consists of two K9 Teams and are supervised by Police Sergeant and former handler Roger Kinney. The primary function of the Canine Unit is to reduce the opportunity for injury or death to officers engaged in the normal or dangerous scope of their duties. The Canine Unit operates as a specialized team; responsible for providing effective canine service whenever necessary. A Canine Team is dispatched to calls involving suspects wanted for serious crimes or that are likely to be armed with deadly weapons. In those cases, canines are used to apprehend suspects and is certainly preferable to the use of deadly force in taking a person into custody. Our K9 Teams are assigned to a regular patrol shift, but can be called in at any time to assist police officers when needed.

K9 Teams are often called upon to participate in community events to educate and promote the use of police dogs. They are popular with both young and old.k9 unit

Our current handlers and their police dogs are:  

  • Officer Dan Gill and K-9 Diesel
  • Officer Scott Farnsworth and K-9 Bolo

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The West Sacramento Police Department’s Traffic Unit has 3 full time Traffic Officers, 20 Parking Enforcement Officers and Traffic Sergeant, who reports to a Patrol Lieutenant.

The primary purpose of the traffic team is to enforce traffic laws to deter vehicle collisions, receive input from our citizens, in the way of traffic complaints. The Traffic Unit is highly trained to spot observable signs of intoxication and they are usually in the top 10 in the region with regards to the annual amount of DUI arrests made and traffic citations issued.


Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement Officers provide traffic control operations during special events and River Cats Baseball Games. During 2016, the Traffic Unit coordinated over 150 special events, 74 River Cats Baseball Games, and the AMGEN Tour of California bicycle race.

Other duties of Parking Officers include deploying movable sign boards to remind drivers of their speed and other traffic related issues and respond to calls for service, such as abandoned vehicles or reported parking violations.

The City of West Sacramento has also contracted with the City of Sacramento’s Parking Enforcement program in order to expand the staffing resources for proactive parking enforcement activities, primarily in the areas along the Bridge District and Washington District.