Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Program

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"To stand ready in the community; to respond; to serve; and to minister to those who are in need"

Our History

The West Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Program was formed in 2001 to serve the citizens of West Sacramento and the employees of the West Sacramento Police Department. The program serves both law enforcement personnel and victims of crime in our community.

What We Do

Police Chaplains respond to counsel, assist and support victims and others touched by critical incidents and crises, including death notifications, suicide, homicides, hostage situations, kidnapping and other traumatic events. Police Chaplains are specially trained to handle crisis situations and also provide follow-up counseling, group debriefings and individual intervention. Police Chaplains are trained to minister to people of all faiths.

All Chaplaincy services are provided at no cost to individuals, families or departments because of the generous contributions of officers and citizens.

Police Chaplains are non-paid volunteers.

Our Background

  1. All Police Chaplains are ordained or licensed by a duly recognized church body.
  2. All Police Chaplains have sufficient leadership skills and counseling experience within their church body to be able to cope with the spiritual, psychological and social needs of the citizens of West Sacramento as well as members or the law enforcement community.
  3. Police Chaplains conform to all West Sacramento Police Department policies and procedures, rules and regulations and directions that apply to the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Program.
  4. Police Chaplains participate in all required departmental training and instruction relating to the role and functions of a law enforcement chaplain.
  5. Police Chaplains complete the law enforcement application process, including a background check as required by the West Sacramento Police Department.
  6. Police Chaplains honor their unique relationship with police officers where confidentially or "privileged communication" is closely observed.

Our Training

Law Enforcement Chaplains are not made overnight. The process begins with months of specialized training. Each police chaplain is required to complete a 150-hour academy and field training program which is accredited by American River College. Police Chaplains are trained to provide a ministry of presence, not a ministry of pressure. Opportunities for continued training are available throughout the year to provide up-to-date information to enhance the knowledge and skills of all police chaplains.

Our Funding

The basic needs of the Police Chaplains are provided by the West Sacramento Police Department. The Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Program is a non-profit 501c(3) organization that is dependent upon the support of the community (i.e. Individuals, businesses and churches). Your generous support and contributions assist the Chaplaincy Program's mission to serve law enforcement and the citizens and community of West Sacramento.

Contacting a Chaplain

Police Chaplains are available on an emergency basis by contacting the on-duty police supervisor through our Dispatch Center at (916) 372-3375. Police Chaplains are also available on a non-emergency basis by calling the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Program message number at (916) 617-4900, extension 8035 or by email at

Law Enforcement Chaplains

Chaplain Dorothy Montgomery

Chaplain Norman Pollitt

Chaplain Rick Robbins

Chaplain Dearl Smith