Survey, Mapping and GIS

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We provide geomatics technical support encompassing and integrating the acquisition, storing, processing and delivery of geographic or spatially referenced information and data. Furthermore,  we prepare maps and conduct survey data collection, and we provide Geographic Information System data to document the City’s cadastral and utility information, built infrastructure, and natural features. 

The following technical disciplines comprise  Surveying and Mapping:

1. Engineering Surveying and Data Collection
2. Geospatial (GIS)  Mapping


Major Projects:

1. Geospatial Mapping of City Utility Systems

West Sacramento Geodetic Control

  1. GPS Static Survey
  2. Jefferson Boulevard Widening - Construction Centerline
  3. Re-Monumentation of a Portion of COWS Geodetic Control Network


Engineering Surveying and Data Collection

General Scope of Work:The primary focus is the acquisition of spatial data relevant to utility asset infrastructure systems, and topographic surveying, incorporating global positioning system (GPS) and terrestrial surveying methods, techniques and equipment, in support of Geospatial (GIS) Mapping and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) design drafting.

Surveying Methods Employed:
Global Positioning System (GPS) surveying provides a rapid means of data acquisition, by one (1) person. Utilizing dual frequency, real time kinematic (RTK) GPS, enables survey grade, centimeter accuracy positioning instantly, at the time of observation.

Traditional surveying methods require a two (2) person field crew, incorporating, at a minimum, a total station, data collector, prism and staff; with access to an established horizontal and vertical control network datum.

Surveying provided:
Horizontal and vertical control - for CIP projects designed within the P/W Engineering group
Topographic surveying - for CIP projects designed within the P/W Engineering group
Utility asset data collection - for utility asset infrastructure mapping
Miscellaneous surveys - locating City-owned right-of-ways, and parcels


Geospatial (GIS) Mapping

General Scope of Work:

Cadastral and Utility Asset Infrastructure Mapping - Develop and maintain Public Works Department feature class base maps and databases; incorporating land-based parcel
information and utility asset infrastructure data.
Data Sources:
Radman - digital topographic AutoCAD drawing files
Topographic surveying and utility asset infrastructure data collection - point and shape files
Record/As-built and Map AutoCAD drawing files
Improvement plan - JPEG, PDF, TIFF images
Aerial photographs - ortho-rectified

Feature Class Base Maps:
Cadastral - land-based Parcels
Street centerline
Political boundaries
Water features
Sanitary Sewer
Storm Drain

Specialty Maps:
Enhanced Infrastructure Finanacing (E.I.F.D.) Map
Land-use Map
Storm Drain Overlay RD900 Map
Street Sweeping District Map
Valve Exercising Program Map
Zoning Map

Feature Class Mapping:
Cadastral - Land-based parcels
Database management
General land-use
Political boundaries
Street centerline
Water features

Database management
Sanitary sewer
Storm drain