Fleet and Equipment Maintenance

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Fleet Maintenance

Fleet and Equipment Maintenance-1The fleet maintenance division provides preventative as well as corrective maintenance support for the public works department.

Fleet maintenance staff maintains approximately 150 pieces of equipment including 56 sedans and light trucks, 12 heavy duty trucks, 7 off road construction machines, 25 emergency power generators and 50 small portable pieces of equipment and trailers.

Our maintenance team's first priority is to provide a reliable fleet by dedicating themselves to our preventative maintenance program. Preventative maintenance not only makes our fleet more reliable, it extends the life of our equipment by many years. When equipment develops a problem in the field, such as hydraulic leaks, dead batteries and flat tires etc., we make field repairs to get the equipment going and job completed, we then schedule corrective maintenance back at the shop.

Green Fleet

  • Diesel Particulate Collection: Over the past 3 years the city has invested $135,000 and installed state of the art Diesel Particulate Collection devices on our heavy duty diesel truck fleet. These
    devices collect over 80% of known cancer causing particulate matter from the diesel engine exhaust. This virtually eliminates the black soot you normally see coming from this type of vehicle.
  • Diesel Engine Idling: We have activated engine idling time limits to our heavy duty diesel engine truck fleet. If our vehicles are in park and no foot on the brake the engine will idle up to 5 minutes then the engine shuts down. This saves fuel and lowers overall emissions from these vehicles.
  • Re-Refined Motor Oil: We use environmentally responsible motor oil in our fleet that has 50% to 80% "re-refined" used motor oil in the blend.

Public Works Maintenance

The Public Works Maintenance Division maintains all city owned mechanical and electrical infrastructure throughout the city. This includes 14 sewage pumping stations, 8 storm water pumping stations, 7 water distribution sites and our surface water treatment plant. Our mechanics, electricians and instrumentation technicians keep our pumps and equipment properly maintained through regular preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance as needed. Our maintenance staff provides most of this maintenance Monday through Friday and are on call in the evenings and weekends 365 days a year.