Water Treatment

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The City of West Sacramento is dedicated to supplying its customers with a safe and reliable supply of high quality drinking water. The City of West Sacramento has delivered over 50 billion gallons of high quality, treated water to our residents since the opening of the Bryte Bend Water Treatment Plant in 1988.

In June 2014, the City of West Sacramento honored water pioneer, George Kristoff, by renaming the City's water treatment plant to the George Kristoff Water Treatment Plant. George Kristoff was an active member of the grass roots group called People for Better Water and served on the East Yolo Community Services District Board from inception to the City's incorporation. In both capacities he served as a leader in wresting the water system from a private purveyor and securing surface water rights from the Sacramento River and then helping to lead the campaign for a bond issue that allowed for the building of the water treatment plant.

Today, as West Sacramento grows into the 21st century, our commitment to you continues. We are proud of the service we provide and promise to continue to deliver the highest quality drinking water to you and your family.

The City actively participates in several source water protection programs to identify and minimize the sources of contamination:

  • The Rice Pesticide Workgroup, in partnership with the city of Sacramento, the county of Sacramento and the East Bay Municipal Utility District, keeps us up to date on this important water quality issue. In 2004 our program of frequency monitoring at our raw water intake during rice growing season was expanded to include new rice pesticides. In addition, we voiced our concerns about the impact of rice growing activities on source water quality in meetings with the California State Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) staff members, the California Rice Commission, and Agriculture Commissions of the major rice growing counties. We also presented our concerns directly to the RWQCB and to rice growers at industry meetings.
  • The Keep-the-Waters-Clean Campaign, in partnership with the city of Sacramento, the county of Sacramento and the East Bay Municipal Utility District, encourages boaters and other recreational users of the Sacramento River to use pump outs and public restrooms in order to protect water quality.
  • The Sanitary Survey of the Sacramento River Watershed, an ongoing project in partnership with the City of Sacramento, City of Roseville, Placer County Utility District, East Bay Municipal Utility District, City of Davis, City of Woodland, and Sacramento County, keeps us up to date on developments in the watershed. The 2015 Sanitary Survey is available for your review.
  • The Drinking Water Source Assessment Program (DWSAP) allows us to identify and respond to possible sources of contamination near our water treatment plant and throughout the watershed. Our Source Water Assessment was completed in November 2000. The DWSAP survey has identified agricultural drainage as the potential contaminating activity to which West Sacramento's surface water source is most vulnerable. A copy of the DWSAP survey is available for your review at the city's Public Works Department, 1951 South River Road in West Sacramento.

Water Treatment

For further information about your drinking water or about the water treatment process, visit our Plant Operations and the Water Quality Section or contact us directly, at (916) 617-4860.