Water Treatment Plant Projects

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Location of Project:

The George Kristoff Water Treatment Plant is located on N. Harbor Blvd, just west of Highway 80.

Estimated Start Date:                                   

Ongoing – 2018, 2019, 2020

Estimated Completion Date:

Ongoing – 2018, 2019, 2020

Project Budget:                                               

Refer to Approved CIP and Water Master Plan

Project Description:                                                                                                    

The GKWTP was constructed in 1987 to treat flow diverted from the Sacramento River to drinking water standards, and pump the treated water into the existing water distribution system. The plant's treatment processes consist of chemical coagulation, Actiflo® high rate clarification, dual media filtration with granular activated carbon (GAC) and sand, and chlorine disinfection. 

 The following projects represents a short list of projects from the City’s approved Capital Improvement Program and Water Master Plan:

·         Sand Pump Improvements

·         Mixers - Settling Tank Sludge Collector

·         Backwash Pump Recoating

·         Clearwell Underdrain PS replacement

·         Filter SCADA System Replacements

·         Backwash Equipment

·         Intake Facilities and Pump Station Improvements

·         Low Lift Pump Station Improvements

·         Operation Building Improvements

·         Process Drain Pump Station Improvements

·         Sludge Collector Replacements

·         Measurement Instrumentation Replacements

 Project Contact:

To be determined on a project by project basis.