Fire Hydrant Permit

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The purpose of the Fire Hydrant Meter Permit Program is to help the City track the amount of water used during construction. Prior to construction, contractors must obtain a hydrant meter permit. All fees and deposits under the fire hydrant permit shall be paid prior to permit issuance.

The following are some frequently asked questions:

Where do I apply for a Fire Hydrant Meter Permit?

We are located at 1951 South River Road. Our hours are 8:00am to 3:00pm.

Is there anything else needed besides a hydrant meter for construction purposes?

Yes, a backflow device is always needed whenever water is being used/metered from a fire hydrant. You can use your own backflow device, rent the city’s, or use a City of West Sacramento permitted water truck.

If my truck has a 2-inch air gap, do I still need a backflow device?

No, but you will need an Air Gap permit.

How much does it cost for an Air Gap permit for a water truck?

$50.00, and it is valid for one year.

Will I be required to pay a deposit if I’m working on a City project?

Yes. However, you will only be required to pay a refundable deposit. All rental and water use fees will be charged to the project, as long as you can provide a valid work order number which is issued by the engineering division.

Fire Hydrant Permit Conditions

Please contact us at (916) 617-4850 to confirm your estimated costs.