West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency

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Board Meetings

The West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency is committed to letting everyone in the community know as much as possible about the flood program. There are formal Board of Director's meetings once a month where important decisions are made about projects, how state and federal partnerships and funding are progressing, and other key milestones. 

WSAFCA has a three-member Board of Directors and is supported by staff and consultants. It is a joint powers authority created in 1994 through a joint exercise of powers agreement by the City of West Sacramento, Reclamation District 900, and Reclamation District 537.

The Board meets the third Thursday of every month in the City Council Chambers at the West Sacramento Civic Center. Meetings are open to the public. The Board of Directors wants anyone who has questions or concerns to attend the Board meetings. If you want to attend a meeting, but can't, the meetings are recorded. You can view them afterwards.

Check back periodically for more information. And, know that staff is available to have individual meetings with you at any time.

Community Meetings 

WSAFCA wants to provide opportunities for residents and anyone interested to learn about levee improvement plans and projects. Community workshops, meetings with local chambers and civic groups, one-on-one meetings and other forums are some of the ways we reach out to the public. Topics include current projects, flood insurance, and emergency preparedness.

Other than the regular WSAFCA board meetings, there are no scheduled community meetings at this time.

To view previous meetings, please refer to the Resource Library.

07/16/2020 9:00 AM Not Included
08/20/2020 9:00 AM Not Included
09/17/2020 9:00 AM Not Included
10/15/2020 9:00 AM Not Included
11/19/2020 9:00 AM Not Included
12/17/2020 9:00 AM Not Included