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Preschool and College Savings Accounts


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Program Overview

Home Run Quality Certified Preschools are identified in the community and listed on our website. Families can easily choose from a wide range of West Sacramento preschools based on their needs. This includes Family/In-Home Preschool, Child Care and Preschool Centers, Head Start, and State and Special Education preschools.

How does it work?

Early Learning Specialists work with our West Sacramento Home Run staff to provide classroom assessments of quality based on our statewide rating tool.  These Specialists then provide training, coaching, and funds to improve materials, classroom elements, and instruction at each preschool. This ensures every child has access to high quality, affordable preschool.

Home Run Certified High-Quality Preschools


Program Overview

Every child who completes a high-quality preschool and enrolls in kindergarten in Washington Unified School District qualifies for a Home Run College Savings account.  The City of West Sacramento offers financial incentives, including a $50 seed deposit when opening an account.

Funds are available to those families that qualify. 

This includes:

  • $50 bonus for opening the account
  • Up to $180 in matched funds
  • $100 bonus for taking a financial literacy course through a participating financial institution
  • For more information about additional matching funds, visit ScholarShare 529

Setting up an account is as easy as,

1.) Create an account at www.ScholarShare529.com

2.) Set up your investments and an autopay plan to make saving easy.

3.) Link your account through Outcome Tracker to get your matching funds from the city.

The ID number needed is your child's CAL PADS ID number.  This number can be accessed through your school, school district or the Home Run team.

CSA How To


  • Do I need to be an American citizen (or resident) to open an account?
  • How much money do I need to start a CSA account?
  • How will this account affect future financial aid?
  • Is there a California income tax deduction?
  • What are the federal and state tax advantages?
  • What if I have a child that doesn't qualify for the Home Run CSA, can they still open an account and get financial incentives?
  • What if I move out of state?
  • What if my child decides not to go to college?
  • What if my child decides to go to a trade school or school out of state?
  • What if my child gets a full or partial scholarship?
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