Universal Preschool for West Sacramento

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1st Base - Universal Preschool for West Sacramento (UP4WS)

UP4WS connects families to high quality early learning opportunities through a variety of preschool providers throughout the city who meet quality standards. Preschool providers who participate in UP4WS include: family child care, state preschool, city run preschools, and private preschool and child care centers. Through these strong partnerships, the Early Learning Services Division of the Parks and Recreation Department serves over 600 children yearly, and helps to elevate industry standards including learning environments for children, ongoing professional development and mentoring for teachers, social emotional development and support, and resources for families.


Early Learning Services (ELS) is comprised of three separate but linked service areas under the Parks and Recreation Department. The first, Universal Preschool for West Sacramento (UP4WS) has been in operation since 2003 when the City received a First 5 California grant. This program focuses on creating high quality preschool opportunities within the City which are accessible and affordable for our families. The second service area is the two preschools run by the City: Discovery, which is a part day, school year preschool; and Learning Ladder, which is a full day, full year preschool licensed by California Community Care Licensing. The third service area is the IMPACT program that provides quality oversight and connection to resources for childcare and preschool providers for the entire County.